31 December 2009

He Is Everywhere...Lest I Forget

So you spend a couple hours one morning playing your average 1990's computer game that you just got from your brother-in-law for Christmas... Loom.

Awesome game, by the way. I like them when I can win in one day...

I'm just sitting here freezing in the apartment that we're keeping cold on purpose, clicking the mouse to try and find out what is going to happen next. Thinking and cheating with online walk-throughs. So I read ahead a little bit...and found out about the Unmaking spell you learn at the very end. Oooh...i thought...that sounds like Alvin Maker series stuff right there...I wonder if Card has ever heard of this. Right so that's my mindset going into the end sequence.

So then I'm a swan flying off into the sky and then the credits pop up...I never watch credits because I'm hardly ever interested in the actor...I'm more interested in the character that they played...but Bobbin had an interesting voice actor, so I watched the credits to see who voiced him (a one-hit wonder, I guess). And ka-pow there he is (I mean Card of course) right there on the screen. Script something or other...it was really cool...because I was thinking of him before and then there he was...like a dream come true...or something like that.

Sorry about the lack of postage...Der feindliche Tor ist unten!!!

06 April 2009

Authorized Ender Companion

It's coming out this stinking YEAR!!! WOOT

I am so ready for this book it has just boosted Card back to No. 1 in my head. I can't wait...

Okay...so release date is November 10th, 2009. It on amazon already...to preorder.


go there and order it...and bask in the joy of Carddom.

I can't believe how amazing it is to finally post again...but never fear...I'm getting my associates in four days and then I will have more time. So here's to Card love and Jake Black fantastic-ness. Yipee!

21 November 2008

Ender In Exile

Orson Scott Card--once again. Perhaps not at his best but ever present in the world. I loved everything especially the Ender-ness--yes, he CAN still do it.

2 Minor Complaints
--Can anyone say PIECEMEAL? I feel like I bought several of the chapters of EiE on IGMS already--and c'mon Taming of the Shrew? Is Card trying to promote his retelling in this book? Isn't this supposed to be A. NEW and B. about Ender NOT Card.
--And where was the grand build-up with lots of tie-ins and a beautiful plot resoulution that I have grown to expect from Card. I mean character development is what I read Card for (and that was awesome OSC, congrats!) but all of the sudden at the end its Ender finally meeting Arkanian and solving that without even thinking twice. Just a little let down...

Everything else was awesome and hooray for the new arrival in Enderverse. And read the endnote for clarification. More on that later...ENJOY!

10 November 2008

In Wait for November Eleventh

ENDER IN EXILE--Tomorrow!!!

This is so exciting! I can't wait to welcome a brand new Ender novel to the 'Verse. I am geared up and ready to get this book digested. I am so happy to have Card Love again. I have been so excited the last few days.

I made a deal with my husband in August that he could buy something or other in September if I could buy my book in November...so I have no restraints. Hopefully I will find more time to get this blog current and less crazy. Even more hopefully I will be able to do a review of the new book right here on Wednesday!!

Congratulations Ender and Mr. Card, on a new book!

03 June 2008

No Posts in May

So I must be a bad person or something...I can't believe I haven't posted since early April. So here are a few updates as I hear about them.

  • Ender's Game Comic
  • New IGMS issue out (up to number 8)
  • Also the issue 7's Ender's Game story has been added!!
    • On that note it was awesome and finally makes some sense as to the fate of Ender
  • I have been reading the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind--it makes me think of new parallels to EG. No surprise to me...but you can read it and think of ways that the story of Richard relates to Ender. I know I am having a blast doing it.
  • I also have started reading Neuromancer by William Gibson...Card "told" me to when I read Dogwalker in Maps in a Mirror. I am so excited to digest this book! I'll make sure to tell you all about it.
Been working hard and reading alot. I really enjoyed Keeper of Dreams...I can't seem to recall if I posted since I finished it. I really like the fantasy and mormon stories the most. Card really did a great job with those. I had a great time reading them...maybe I'll post specifically about my favorite short stories. Fuer grissa ost draucha. (ignore the spelling errors(i'm writing it from memory at work)) SMILE

05 April 2008

Can you tell me how to get...

So I am at work right now...at Discovery Gateway!! (yay)

I am sitting at the Sesame Street register and I have that silly song stuck in my brain! It only hurts a little--but nevertheless.

Okay so I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday. It was great...I haven't been "in" a bookstore in so long :(

I, in my diggings, found a copy of Asimov's stories called the Gold edition, which sounds completely random but Card had written the introduction to this story. I always have associated Asimov with Card due to the reasons that Card thought of the Ender's Game short story while reading Foundation...and having read that I read Foundation. So Card's reason for writing and my reason for reading Asimov all loop in a silly little circle. I think it's just pure awesome for
Card to be the one to have written the introduction to Asimov's work.

I didn't get the book, because I bought a journal instead. Which i feel is important for these first few weeks as a wife and over my lifetime. It's gonna be great. Just three more days left of my school year and then hopefully I will be able to write and post more.


26 March 2008

Something I May Have Neglected

It seems that I may have neglected to inform you of the release of issue 7 of IGMS. I personally just barely realized it and am sorry for the delay of information. But it is...though without the Ender Saga story as of yet.

I feel neglectful of this blog...but at least I am not with my new husband. So...I have my priorities straight. Oh and I think I might finally get him to read EG. Finally.

I only have a few weeks left in the school year and I am still eagerly awaiting the arrival of Keeper of Dreams. Yay! Then I might have something to write about...then you might have something worth reading. (besides my life.)

So anyway...I am happily married now and look forward to starting my life with my husband. Thanks everyone in my family and everyone that is there to support us--thanks for everything!! SMILE!!!

11 March 2008

9 More Days

On a somewhat familiar note that has almost nothing to do with Card...(sorry again...there will be more i promise).

I am getting married in 9 days. One week from Thursday. Can you believe it? I am so excited I can't wait for it to come. Then life can become what it was always meant to be. And people will stop asking me when I am getting married.

I am so excited...this day might just beat the day that I met Card...okay so it definitely will beat that day. But then it should, right? Anyway I will try to keep you updated...if not on Card for the next week then at least on the events and things taking place as I approach my wedding day!!!


04 March 2008

The Robot-a

I have been trying to share the wonders of my Card shelf with everyone around me. I am very glad that I can announce that I have interested my friend who is also my roommates boyfriend in Robota. I was so excited for him. But he is reading the Invisible Man by Wells, and so will borrow it from me when he gets finished.

As for me I have been dipping my heels in a little blast from the past. No this will not be Card related. I am re-reading Animorphs. And now I have lost all of the credibility that I had. Animorphs is a great series. I don't care if you don't agree. The truth is it has made an impact in my life. Even if you would make fun of me for it.

Let me sum up...Robota is awesome and you should try it if you haven't read it yet...and the same goes for Animorphs (just ignore the 4th grade reading level).

07 February 2008

IGMS/Keeper of Dreams/Books

So I hear IGMS is doing something new. The chance to preview whole stories. Which just might be a ploy for the new book coming out. I hope it works.

I am so excited about a lot of things right now. There is perhaps 43 days left till my wedding...I'm not really counting down, but wouldn't you.

I am very excited about the Keeper of Dreams book. I haven't brought it up in a while, but this is going to be an amazing collection of short stories. --No kidding man.-- Now if only Card would finish his other series'.

Here's the List of Books still to be written:
Master Alvin
Rasputin and the book after it
Shadows in Flight
Ender in Exile
Pastwatch: The Flood
Pastwatch: The Garden of Eden
The Wives of Israel

I loved the new novellas that came out last fall, and while I am looking forward to this years new installments. I am dying to read these books that I just hope Card is working on. Please.